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Disallowing Rusting In An AC Unit

Disallowing Rusting In An AC Unit

Although the external drive of an AC unit is built to withstand all types of weather, it may suffer damage over time. Corrosion, which not only affects residential equipment, but also business air conditioning, is a huge problem. In general, corrosion takes place at two strategic points: the coastal areas and large cities, where pollution is high, which could also damage the cooling system. It is estimated that currently one-fifth of world steel production, the main material used in the manufacture of each outdoor unit, is intended solely to replace losses caused by corrosion. This number generates an expenditure of 3% of the GDP each year.

Causes and consequences of corrosion

In the coastal zones of Australia, corrosion is caused by the salty air and contaminants brought in by the sea. And in urban areas, the problem is due to environmental pollution, acid rain and the places where chemicals are handled. The result is that the two environments reduce the service life of gas furnace units and cause equipment to be less efficient. And oddly enough, these consequences may appear within a few months of operation, especially in coils and externally installed equipment. Of these, many units end up being partly replaced or even completely.

Protection methods

Coating the external drive is currently one of the alternatives used by most repair professionals, as this helps to protect energy efficient air conditioners from corrosion. Regardless of the material used, these coatings can be applied to any equipment, or even with heat exchange parts (such as coils) and will help prevent lowered energy efficiency. This maintenance also has a greater resistance to the pressure exerted by gas furnace certain oxidation reactions and are resistant to strong winds. Another advantage of doing this is the resistance to UVA and UVB rays, protecting the devices that are in constant exposure to sunlight. These elements alter the corrosion effect. Beach towns in Australia already have this additional protection to avoid possible corrosion problems. In addition to being economically viable, most coatings have a life of up to four years. It is worth mentioning the use of external protectors, too. In addition to aesthetically improving the unit, it may also increase the life of the unit and prevent corrosion.

Is preventative maintenance important?

In addition to the use of coatings, preventive maintenance, cleaning and regular checks will help fight the effects caused by corrosion. External units require special care, meaning it is necessary to hire professional AC repairmen specializing in maintenance. In addition, tips on cleaning devices can be found in the manual maintenance of air conditioners. Visit ductedairperth.com.au for more details.

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