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Advantages Of Natural And Long-Term Addiction Treatment

Advantages Of Natural And Long-Term Addiction Treatment

Holistic and long-term treatment for addiction can be successful for people who have not responded well to traditional outpatient approaches. A twelve step program, or a thirty-day stay at an alcohol rehabilitation centre, does not have a long-lasting effect on a large percentage of those who try those avenues. Many relapse time and time again. A long-term stay provides no guarantees, but does help build life and coping skills that can provide a stronger defense against addiction. A Non 12 Step Addiction Treatment program may be the answer.

Inpatient and transitional living facilities create a community of support, therapy methods, and various types of counseling sessions that allow participants to deal with the core issues surrounding their addictions. Case management, for example, coordinates all services to be geared toward an individual treatment plan for each client. Professionals are also able to provide guidance, knowledge, and additional support to participants and family members during the entire process. That helps eliminate anxiety and fear of not knowing what to expect.

Care models include a youth track, and a professional track, as well as custom models. The professional track participants are housed in a facility that reflects the needs of an executive clientele. The youth track emphasizes skills needed to become strong and confident adults that can handle life out in the world. Alumni programs are designed to help people maintain sobriety, and are open to all program participants after discharge from the facility.

Therapies available can cover a variety of situations and behaviors that can address specific needs as determined in the assessment process. Psychodynamic therapy, for example, works well for those with unresolved trauma. Cognitive Behavioral therapy helps people recognize patterns of their own behavior that lead to addiction. Relapse Prevention therapy helps people identify high-risk situations, realize triggers that lead to relapse for them, and teaches prevention strategies. That range of personalized opportunity is rarely found at a thirty-day program. A non 12 step rehab program is evidenced-based treatment that focuses on experiential guidance, and life-skills building.

While outpatient services are also available, many long-term inpatient facilities, such as Alo House Recovery Centers, for example, offer luxury amenities that make the recovery journey easier. Large flat-screen televisions in guest rooms, gym memberships, a Jacuzzi, housekeeping services, an ocean view, and chef-prepared meals are just a few examples of what is available. Recreational activities, such as hiking, surfing, yoga, meditation, and nearby shopping can help fill free time, and promote relaxation.

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