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5 Types Of FIFA 17 Players

5 Types Of FIFA 17 Players

fifa 17 coins hackThe Tactician

Player trait: Ball retention

Usually found: Playing Football Manager
Now, for all it?s simulation chops and graphical realism, fifa 17 fut coins hack is just a game. It?s a pretty football game that squeezes 90 minutes of football into 12 minutes, so naturally, the idea is to play attacking football, score goals and have a jolly good time. Sounds logical, right? Apparently, not everyone sees it this way. The Tactician spends a solid half hour tweaking their line up, before winning possession and manipulating the ball around their back four for 30 in-game minutes. A 0-0 draw usually ensues, or, god forbid, they win 1-0 when you start hurling players at the ball and give up a last minute goal.

The Quitter

Player trait: Fear of failure

Usually found: Lurking in the depths of online matchmaking
Ah, the Quitter. Perhaps the one player you knew would be on this list somewhere. Again, we?d like to stress ? FIFA is just a game. There are 22 little men on a pitch running after a ball and trying to kick it into a big net, with one man making sure everyone obeys the rules and none of these things are real. Try telling that to the Quitter. When things are looking bleak ? say, 2-0 down around the 75 minute mark ? out comes the power cable. ?You lost connection with the opponent,? says FIFA. The rage quit is complete, and the Quitter skulks away, still undefeated, but beaten once again.

The Incredible Sulk

Player trait: Silent fury

Usually found: Gently weeping
FIFA often proves to us that even the nicest, most gentle people can turn into total whinge-machines. A cousin of the Volcano, the Incredible Sulk also reacts badly to decisions that go against them mid-game, but symptoms are displayed in a remarkably different way. Rather than blowing up, the Sulk implodes, creating a black hole that whisks all positivity out of existence and replaces it with poor excuses (example: ?the glare on the TV is putting me off?) and lots of sighing. Said black hole then leaves after one game, claiming it has ?things to do.?

The Admirer

Player trait: Narcissus complex

Usually found: Looking through all his saved replays
A famous Motown legend once said, ?it takes two, baby.? At the time, Marvin Gaye was referring to intangible, nonsense things like love, dreams and happiness, but surely had he lived long enough to see David Platt grace the cover of FIFA International Soccer, he would have sung a similar song about the need for both players to skip replays in online FIFA matches. It?s an integral part of the game, a pact that all players enter into when they ready up for a match. But a few vile individuals think the replays are there to be watched, and they should be treated with maximum disdain.

The Sunday League footballer

Player trait: Route one football

Usually found: Checking how tall his line-up is
This is less of a problem in FIFA 16, but in previous versions of the game, crosses and long balls could be ridiculously effective if you had a tall, strong target man to win aerial battles. Both in FIFA and real life, the more recent football landscape has been dominated by quick, short passing, but there was a time when a Sunday League hoof upfield would yield some very pleasing results. Indeed, whacking Peter Crouch up front, and having him nod on 30 or so long balls a game was a recipe for the upper echelons of FIFA?s online leagues just a few seasons ago. Thank god for tiki taka.
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