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Benefits, Drawbacks And Also Constraints Regarding Activity Based

Benefits, Drawbacks And Also Constraints Regarding Activity Based

The particular usage of activity based cost accounting aims at could streamline typically the process involving maintaining a great ABC method and easily simplify its incorporation with standard cost data processing details. This specific program allocates indirect charges dependent about a product’s cost, or even the actual factor in which generates the particular cost. Because costs are usually allocated for every product, some sort of picture commences to come through of which often business functions are executing well as well as which versions need in order to be much better. ABC can easily be utilized to discover non-valued additional activities and also may support to a great deal better allocate sources to effective and successful activities. The actual use involving ABC may also increase value for you to the ongoing improvement regarding business techniques.


Making probable equitable as well as scientific costs by minimizing prices involving products which use a lesser amount of activity sources and boost prices regarding products which consume a lot more of typically the firm’s exercise resources.

Aiding organizations offer value included or even existing merchandise on genuine cost suffered basis.

Getting rid of unprofitable products from the particular product range, thereby growing profitability with no increasing costs, a beneficial option within recessionary periods.


The significant drawback regarding this specific activity-based costing methodology will be that even though activity dependent costing is actually a research approach, typically the procedure associated with implementation will be sophisticated, time period consuming, along with costly. The particular procedure associated with data assortment and info entry needs significant solutions, and continues to be costly to be able to maintain. The reviews perform not adapt to usually accepted sales principles, and while such, organizations following ABC needs to maintain 2 cost methods and sales books, a single for dimensions use and also another intended for external information, filings, as well as statutory consent.
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