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When Traditional Medications Do Not Work

When Traditional Medications Do Not Work

Patients who suffer from chronic pain disorders, or psychiatric syndromes, can often try a lot of different medications before finding one that works. Most traditional medications can take a few weeks, or even a couple of months, before any relief is realized. Exercising, relaxation techniques, and counseling can only work to a certain extent. A complete treatment plan may benefit from severe depression treatment. Ketamine is one of the four drugs used in anesthesia before surgeries. It has been used for that therapy purpose for over forty years.

A new purpose has been found for this powerful painkiller. Ketamine Treatment Scottsdale, in low dose infusions, has been found to have fast-acting effects on most patients with some psychiatric and pain disorders. It is not an instant cure, but can be used to supplement a complete treatment plan. The process provides relief from symptoms within two to four hours after the infusion, if it is going to work at all. There are a small percentage of people who experience no benefit from Scottsdale Ketamine Infusion. To determine if the infusion will work, two infusions are administered by a certified anesthesiologist. During the procedure, and for a half hour after it, oxygen levels, heart rate and rhythm, and blood pressure are monitored. If it works, four more infusions are completed, at the rate of two a week for two more weeks.

The duration of the benefits is different for each person. Some individuals have that initial series of six infusions, and require no other infusions for several months. Others have the initial series, and require a single infusion each month for maintenance. The benefits reported include reduced pain levels and a sense of calm, less anxiety, decreased thoughts of suicide, a feeling of being more hopeful, and the inclination to be more social. People need to continue with the other elements of the treatment plan to experience sustained wellness. Appointments are made based upon a referral from a pain management specialist, or a psychiatrist, and can be scheduled for people of at least fourteen years of age.

Ketamine Treatment for Scottsdale Arizona can be found at a clinic that also provides other wellness options, such as hormone replacement, exercise plans, vitamin support, and herbal supplements. The infusions are not covered by any insurance plans, so people will need to keep that in mind when considering this form of treatment. Discuss the possibility of infusions with a primary care physician and a specialist to determine if this may be an appropriate part of healing and wellness. There are no permanent side effects to controlled low doses of ketamine, and those who have minor side effects report that they subside within minutes of completing each infusion.

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